The Radio Radio Show Goes to a Tractor Pull

When your friend asks if you want to go to a tractor pull - you say YES!


My friend, Miss A, had been talking about the tractor pull for weeks. My expectations were high and I'm happy to report that the tractor pull did not disappoint.


On a hot Saturday in June, Miss A and I took her two adorable nephews, grabbed some ear plugs and snacks and headed to the county fairgrounds. What followed can only be described as eye opening. Who knew the tractor pull could be so exciting! Competitors came from all over the midwest to pull weight in their modified trucks.

I found myself getting more and more engaged and excited about the competition. Would Grandpa's Toy make it to the end? I'm happy to report that it did. And I think he even won. Obviously the trucks with the most smoke and loudest engines stole the show. If I'm going to go to a tractor pull - I want to see some drama!


If you ever get the chance to go to a tractor pull - GO! Bring ear plugs, a blanket, and a friend that likes to laugh.